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Not that one. But before Ariel can spirit the box away to Never Land, our sleuths find themselves at the mercy of those two wicked hipsters. A quick re-fishening helps the mermaid wriggle out of her bonds. They arrive in the nick of time. Come on, you can do better than that. Holy smokes — the hipsters are none other than John and Michael Darling, all grown up! Why, with feminine wiles and a fake incurable cough of death , of course.

Big Brother 13 Episode 23 recap: Jordan explodes, Pandora’s Box returns – Big Brother Network

Meanwhile, Nealfire finally reveals how the Magical Breakfast Club and co. If Regina and Rumpel built a magical submarine, do you think Ariel might be able to escort them home instead? You know, because the rest of the isle is so well-lit. Apparently not! It will be because you want me. Everyone else can guess what will happen next — as Hook and Bae are incapacitated, Emma taps into her still murkily defined magical powers and lights the candle.

Lilith is a complicated figure. On the one hand, she's a demon. But she's also a symbol for freedom, for darkness, for sensuality. The first mention of Lilith arose in ancient Babylonian texts — the "Lilith" was a class of female winged demons that attacked young children. During the Middle Ages, Lilith was incorporated into the Bible. According to the Jewish tradition, Lilith was the original woman, created before Eve. Lilith refused to submit to Adam's commands and left the Garden herself. Since her self-imposed exile, Lilith has spent her days hunting down and seducing men , then sucking out their souls with a kiss.

In an interview with Refinery29, Rose explains Lilith's place in Chambers specifically. Historically, there was a cult devoted to Lilith until the 7th century CE. Likely, the Annex Society is modelled off those cults. They seek to channel Lilith's energy. Though it takes us and Sasha a long time to realise their end goals. When will season 2 come out? Obviously, a second season of Chambers hasn't been confirmed. In the past, Netflix has renewed shows under various timelines. Elite 's season 2 confirmation was particularly speedy, arriving just two weeks after the show's first season premiere.

The second season of Sex Education was also confirmed within a month. Typically, new seasons of Netflix show come out a year after the prior season. So don't expect new episodes of Chambers until Stranger Things is a confusing show. And women have a very thick, developed, highly connected membrane; where the left and right are extremely interconnected. Men have a much thinner membrane, and the left and right are less connected through this membrane. So the left is connected to the right, whereas with women, there are all these connections going back and forth between both sides.

But then when his right brain experiences this emotion, he has a hard time connecting the definition or the word with that emotion. So it makes a difference in how you perceive the world and how you feel. So, is that why women will be more upset sometimes? Do you know what I mean? Brian: Right. Women are no less illogical or irrational than men, they just have a different survival strategy. It also holds true that men are no less emotional than women; we process those emotions differently, we experience them differently. Vin: Feel the emotions of a friend.

Brian: That problem that the friend is having. We both care; I care, the woman cares. So, what affects do all these have on a personality? You would think that this would affect personality especially because men associate being emotional with weakness. And after feeling so much to be able to bounce back is a challenge. So, let me explain. Being highly emotional and experiencing emotions of others is not a weakness.

Brian: Having a smaller frame, less muscle mass and so forth. But it also indicates an emotional strength, because feeling the stress of others means you feel stress. But women will internalize the blame, they experience the pain of others, and over time, this becomes an emotional weight; this leads to stress. So, we kind of covered the differences and the fundamental differences between men and women.

These are basically; empathy, taking her identity from the connections with other people and having strength from being able to deal with the empathy and the stress that she gets from the people surrounding her. So what are the main similarities now between men and women that we can actually leverage for our understanding of female psychology? Go ahead. The basic needs are like food and shelter, and so forth. Brian: And the self actualization is really about what you want to contribute to the world, what you want to contribute in this life, what you want to, not only experience, but express.

So, the kind of person you want others to see you as. And an easy word to use is just contribution, okay? So men and women both thrive on social contact. This means that being part of the group, part of the tribe, part of the community, means that you have to contribute, okay? I want to be part of the team effort. I would just feel horrible, just like I would feel like a loser just sitting on the side letting the other guys do the work. Brian: Another obvious example is playing on a team. You want to play. You want to contribute. Brian: And men feel this and women feel this; both I think feel it to the same degree.

But what we want to contribute is different. What that innate desire to contribute is fundamental to all humans. Yeah, I think another real fundamental is the need to feel appreciated. Just like, guys like it too. Vin: Women like it too. Brian: Or men will risk their life for a strip of ribbon, or something like that.

And the obvious mistake that guys always make is they try to buy their woman back. Like when Kobe Bryant, you know he got caught cheating with that woman in the hotel. Brian: He bought his wife a ridiculously expensive ring. It was on the news and everything. It was no secret. So it is not foolproof. Most women are extremely fearful of being judged as a slut. It carries with it HUGE social consequences. They are scared of being judged by their friends, other guys, the public, and most importantly YOU.

That is one that many men miss. They believe that their interest and desire for her relieves this fear — but trust me — it does not. It is a huge objection not only to having sex with a guy — both too soon, or even if lots of time has passed — but is also the main reason why she rejects so many advances.

In her mind, it is ok for her to flirt her ass off with a guy — but if he makes one wrong move at the wrong time — its game over. It could be recent or it could be from a long time ago.

The myth of Pandora’s box - Iseult Gillespie

It could be as small as something like trying to work out at a gym but guys keep staring at her boobs why do you think they have gyms just for women or as significant as full out sexual assault or rape. Most of the time it is someone she knew, someone very close to her or a stranger. But women have a very different daily experience than men, and we MUST take that into consideration.

They are smaller, weaker, and x less aggressive than the average man. The same feelings YOU would feel living in a prison with rapists and murders is sometimes experienced by women on a daily basis. And they have developed very sophisticated mental protection mechanisms to deal with this. A lot of this program will teach you exactly how to disarm those mechanisms.

How women deal with these experiences mentally is of extreme importance in the model. Most people in politics are men.

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  • Pandora’s Box?
  • Fair Haven and Foul Strand.

Most bosses of businesses are men. Men are the leaders and the heads of households. We are still in somewhat of a transition period in time where women have a range of conflicting pressures, regarding the best way to live their live, and even when women are comparatively young at even 18, 19 or 20 they must make decisions that could affect all of their future.

There have been many studies to verify this, not that you need one just watches how much control a women loses when she has an orgasm compared to a man. There are also two psychological elements to this as well. Second — biologically the stakes are much higher. If a guy has sex — he reloads in minutes and is ready to go again. He can mate with hundreds or thousands of women a year — however a WOMAN can only be pregnant ONCE per year — technically its nine months — but because with a higher risk comes a higher reward.

Women DO want sex, but there are certain criteria that must be met. And satisfying those criteria is different depending on her character type. So pay attention. In this section we are going to: 1. Identify the three major conflicts between her biological drive and society pressure 2. Learn the mental strategies she uses to deal with those conflicts 3.

Transparently and invisibly align ourselves with those strategies so that we become the ONLY source of her physical pleasure and emotional comfort. This will make you automatically project the qualities and attributes that make her attracted and get her turned on. There are three MAJOR conflicts however, that are so intense, they force women to choose a dominant strategy, and that becomes part of her personality - which dictates significant behavioral differences — and determines which triggers makes her feel attracted, which behaviors make her feel comfortable, and what gets her turned on.

Conflict of Time — Women are biologically programmed to mate with the most dominant, high status man they can find so therefore she wants to spend time really screening the men she dates and finding the best one - but there is pressure from society to be with a guy who has high status — and it is looked down upon if a girl is single for a long time. This is why you will see women who are older, becoming cougars, and becoming much more aggressive in dating, going out, and meeting guys. Even to the point of hitting on the guys instead as opposed to younger girls who are more likely to just sit there and let men approach them.

It all has to do with her feeling that her time is running out… With men — they actually get BETTER with age, more successful, better traveled, they have more sexual experience. Conflict of Sex — She wants to enjoy the physical pleasure and emotional intimacy of sex - but sex in the past has led to emotional trauma and critical judgment from society and her peers. For example, recently Nicole Kidman took a break from Hollywood to focus on raising her children. Now, because of the intensities of these 3 conflicts, she is forced to develop coping strategies to manage them.

There are two very distinct coping strategies a woman can choose for each conflict. The strategy she chooses becomes habitual, and it manifests drastic differences in behavior between women. And if you use the wrong strategy — you are going to get the opposite effect that you want. And this strategy influences ALL of your dating decisions. So again, there is the conflict of time — she wants to spend time finding the BEST possible mate, but her clock is ticking.

She has the conflict of sex — she wants to experience the emotional and physical pleasure of sex but for women, sex comes with consequences. And, the conflict of relationship — she has a biological urge to focus on raising a family, but our society is urges her to be self-sufficient and independent. And for each one of those conflicts she has 2 very different ways of dealing with it.

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All you have to do to fully understand what is going on inside her mind and figure out her predominant strategy for each one of these conflicts. And really — in the past 5 minutes you have just learned more about the female mind than a regular PhD in psychology. You can think of it as learning a new language. But this language only has six letters. She wants to find the right mate, but time is ticking. Our research has shown that a woman will deal with the time conflict in two very different ways. This has to do with how many men a woman will date at the same time.

They really only have two different options. First, they can hire several guys, watch them all work on a trial basis, and at the end three months, pick the best one. Or, they can just pick the first guy they find who has the potential to be good enough, and train him to become a good CEO by the end of the three months. Neither one is a perfect strategy, but given the time constraint, both are viable options, with their own advantages and disadvantages. With women — she will either put a few guys on trial, to test them, and let them compete it out to see whose best in the long term.

Or, will make a quicker decision, pick one of the first guys she thinks has potential and invest all of her time and energy to make him into the perfect boyfriend. To simplify; Test or Invest. To go even further T or N. Just to recap. Women have a limited amount of time, but they want to get the BEST possible guy. They will either test several men at once or pick one guy and invest her energy in him. Test or Invest. Women who are testers will actually date several men at the same time, and create a type of perfect guy with components from each of the guys joined together.

Investors will get one guy and try to fix him and make him perfect. Next we have the sexuality conflict. Where women love the physical pleasure of sex, but there are a lot of social consequences of having sex. Like being judged or men not seeing her as marriage potential if she does it too soon.

And this conflict explains what her mindset about sex is going to be like. She loves sex and the emotional bonding and physical pleasure she receives from it — but sex has had negative consequences like emotional trauma and societal judgment. A woman will also deal with the sexual conflict in two different ways. And it has to do with how big of a deal sex is in her mind. But your indulgence gets the best of you and you eat it anyway. You basically have two choices. If a woman has sex with a guy — and then she hangs out with her friends, and they ask her about it, she will DENY it.

Deny or Justify. To go further, D or J. Just to recap — women want to indulge in sexual pleasure but there are social consequences for doing it. They will either block it out, or Deny it has happened, or they will come up with reasons to Justify why it was OK.

Deny or Justify, D or J. This explains why some women end up sleeping with much less guys than others. And finally, the third conflict — how she views her future especially in terms of her relationships and what is expected of her over her lifetime will also have a very important role in her life. Because women are biologically designed to bear and raise children, she has strong maternal instincts — but our society pressures her to be independent, self-sufficient, and work just as hard as men to develop her career.

This is very important because women will strongly favor one or the other, and this is important to us because this will be a key influence over what types of men she finds attractive. And it determines how we come across — so that we can align ourselves with either her family or her career. A woman will deal with this conflict in two very distinct ways and it has to do with how she prioritizes her main goals. You have to understand that for a woman it is NOT the same as choosing dating and sex over working on your school or career.

The reason why, is because for women — choosing to focus on dating or to focus on her career is a long term focus. This makes it very difficult for her to have a baby. Yes they might end up paying for child support, but it is not as incapacitating for men. Realist or Idealist, R or I. To recap — women have strong maternal instinct to focus on raising and maintaining a family but society pressures her to be career focused.

They will either be realistic about fears and come up with a real solution for them, or maintain an IDEAL image of her future husband and kids. This explains why women will often be so polarized in her decision making process. Realists focus on their career almost to the point of excluding dating, while Idealists can sometimes not even put thought into choosing a good career because family is such a priority.

We will teach you how to READ her character type later in this program. But if you really understand them — you will be lethal. Your understanding of those fundamentals is absolutely critical before we go further. You cannot do Algebra if you do not know how to multiply. So what are her two options to dealing with this problem? Sex feels really good for a woman, but there are a lot of consequences for her to do that. She has biological urges to focus on raising a family, but she also has pressure from society to be career oriented.

And how does she deal with that? Realists accept that they might have to look after themselves and be self sufficient, Idealists are attached to finding a man to take care of her. Or, she could be a Tester — Denier — Idealist. And her character type would be TDI. How many different combinations can you make? Your weekly video coaching is going to take you through ALL 8 types, one at a time and give you the chance to really master each type of woman in your own life. This three letter code is the secret to this system. It will cement the model in your mind, and the practical application will make it extremely clear to you, and will quickly develop your skills as an advanced practitioner.

My trainers and I found that when we met women, and started discussing their character traits with each other, and applying the system, that it turned the theory into real life application, and everything started to fall into place. Along with the fact that our skills became lethal and our strike rate percentages of meeting women to being intimate with them became unparalleled. By doing this program you will have everything required from identifying and figuring out her type, knowing the scientific background behind the model, customizing your plan of action, and knowing all the motivators for her behavior, so you can be an essential part of her life.

The key to every decision she makes is based on those three conflicts and her strategy. No matter what type of woman she is. The behavioral difference is just too radical. You certainly can have some success treating all women equally, and get reasonably good, but you will always have blind spots, and holes in your game and you are going to be missing out on some of the women out there. And if your luck is like most guys, the women you miss out on are the women you really want. By tailoring your game to different types of women, and having a flexible approach you are going to reach a far wider market.

This reduces the frustrating guesswork that most men will be left struggling with. You will see this all around you — your friends, random guys in the street or bar, you will see boyfriends and husbands making HUGE mistakes that you would have a simple, intuitive solution for. You will see women, and realize that YES they are driven by emotions — but the blueprint of her emotions and behaviors will be completely logical and linear.

They will become mindlessly predictable. Getting lucky becomes a thing of the past. This understanding, as I have realized in the past few months — is the real key to finally creating a real bond one based on love and understanding — the kind that you read about in romance novels and see in movies starring Hugh Grant. Now I know this is exciting, but be patient because we need to talk a little bit more about the specific character traits of a Tester or Investor before we can talk about the advanced strategies.

A woman who is dating many guys at the same time will have a completely different mindset to one who is focusing all her attention on one guy. Which is exactly why your game plan needs to be different. Most likely it comes from being hurt in the past — romantically. So she tests.

She keeps men on the side. She flirts heavily and leads guys on. She is getting the total package by getting certain types of value and emotions from the combination of guys. And surprisingly — within those few years, even if they find that perfect one, they might still date others who are not as good as him. And this is VERY important to women. One of the girls who I met doing this actually dropped out of college for a YEAR and is now a year behind so she could move into the city and SERIOUSLY date men full time — and on average was dating 8 guys at once — all of which were completely clueless.

We will be helping you to identify the subtle clues so you can really figure out the girls who are really Testers. Because as I said before Testers will present an image to guys that they are actually Investors. Often she is only sleeping with one. If I remember correctly — the girl who I mentioned who was sleeping with 8 guys was really only sleeping with 2 or 3 of the guys. And eventually decide which one they will keep for the long term.

She can afford to do this because she has plenty of backup guys ready. She sees that he has potential. And that is what keeps her devoted to him. That will play heavily into our in depth strategies for attracting an Investor. The key word — being convinced. And if she is convinced, she will move on to the next guy, sometimes with a testing small phase of in between them. And an Investor has also suffered some kind of romantic loss — but does NOT feel cheated or betrayed — either she had to move away from a guy she really loved, or lost him in some other way — OR and this is a big one — blames HERSELF for the loss.

She may feel supportive, motherly, nurturing, important, and needed. Those are the emotions that drive her. Ok — now, that is sometimes a DAILY experience for women, and as such they have developed very sophisticated mental frameworks to keep themselves in check. Women will often recall at least one, but often more, traumatic events in relation to men and sex. That is why many cases of molestation, sexual harassment and rape go unreported.

Her mental mechanism prevents her from confronting the memory. In my experience, and in the experience of many of my trainers, Deniers are much more immersed in sex, and go a lot deeper into the feelings than Justifiers do. And for that reason — it can be a more satisfying relationship in many ways. Having sex with a Denier is more special and unique because they have had far fewer sexual partners. Quite often Deniers have a strong religious background as well. The religious training tends to compartmentalize the different areas of her life, and she will have much stronger mental filters to keep things separate.

This allows Deniers to have a tendency to sometimes live double lives, and do so very effectively. I once dated a girl who was a Denier, and I was with her for a full five years before finding out that she was once raped by a guy many years before. She never included this incident when she talked about her sexual past and did not count it when she told me how many guys she was with. There are definitely some downsides to Deniers. First of all, and this applies to ALL women but women, but women will sometimes be more likely to lie to you the more they like you.

They lie because they can and they will be more concerned with maintaining a certain perception if they like you. And — if they cheat which is actually less likely to happen than with a Justifier they will be FAR less likely to let you find out. Usually it will just be a onetime thing, and they will suppress the memory as if it never happened. That is something that women are MUCH better than men at. They are very aware of how they are being perceived at all times — especially Deniers.

They will call other girls sluts, be very judgmental and critical of women who have had sex with just 10 or more partners. The average Denier will usually sleep with 15 or less men in her entire life. That may seem like a lot, because of what I just said, but you have to realize that most of those accumulate as she gets older. Women have a tendency to become more and more like Justifiers as they get older. Their issues with sex get worked out and resolved slowly as time goes on, and they become more open to casual encounters. Another reason why these types of women are called Deniers is they do exactly that — they Deny.

And specifically they Deny your sexual advances.

Pandora's Box: Unleashing Evil

But they do it in a very specific way. You can over escalate and they will continue to keep seeing you. To a Denier, having sex can sometimes feel like they are losing something. By lowering the significance of sex, it makes the negative experience less painful. This allows her to retain full access the memory, because it has a much lower intensity. She will give it up much easier, be more likely to do things like have sex in public, have threesomes with other men or women, and go into professions like being an escort or stripper.

Btw not all strippers are Justifiers — just a vast majority. And as such — having sex with a Justifier carries much less weight than it would with a Denier. Justifiers, unlike Deniers are very sexually open and will sometimes have hundreds of sexual partners over their lifetime. One big surprise to me is the sheer number of women that I met during the project that have been with over men.

Openly, and shamelessly. Just because a Justifier has a lot of experience and may be considered loose sexually, it does not mean that she cannot be an amazing girlfriend. And when they go with your advances, Justifiers will sometimes go so far as to think that hooking up was their idea! This makes them VERY open to sexual reframing, sexual prizing and falsely accusing them of being perverts and wanting you too much.

Again this will be covered in depth in the advanced strategies later on. One final thought — do not make the mistake of thinking that a Denier is a good girl and a Justifier is a bad girl. It has nothing to do with morals or her overall intentions being altruistic or mean spirited. It is simply her individual defense mechanism to dealing with a very real and powerful emotional conflict. The key is not to judge it, but instead to understand it, and know how to use it in your favor.

Powerful stuff! So she is the type of woman who will focus on her studies and have very ambitious career goals. Most of the Realists who we met were born with those natural urges to become housewives, but over the course of growing up and in childhood, have seen men who were incapable of taking care of their wives or families. And then they would also see these women who have their own careers, who were independent and seemed to be a nice positive reinforcement of the negative effects of incapable men. A few years back, I was in a situation where I was struggling financially, and I actually met a woman who was a Realist looking back she was a NJR.

And it turned out she had built and sold a business, and was very successful. But in the back of her mind, with that self-sufficiency she is always going to have a belief that you may not be there for her one day, so she will in a sense always keep one foot outside the door. And — if she is a Tester, she will be even more likely to ease that feeling by keeping other guys in her life. And this image is so strong, that she is willing to overlook the possibility of it never coming true.

She disregards those fears. Most Idealists were brought up around capable men who were happy in their natural supporting roles. Many Idealists came from families that stayed together, and the parents never got divorced, their dad was successful, and their mom was an awesome housewife and cook, maybe she had a job, maybe not — or she grew up meeting boys who loved her and really took care of her naturally.

As a result she would naturally be less ambitious about the future because she has a strong feeling that she would be taken care of. She believes in TRUE love and if you ask her about it, she can talk about it, she knows that love is a real thing, and she will gladly share the vision of her ideal future with you.

Idealists love to daydream and often have a vivid imagination. Most of the Idealist strategies rely on taking advantage of that imagination and filling it with thoughts of the two of you being together. One of the drawbacks is that an Idealist will eventually pressure you to get married if you date her for over two years.

You could end up breaking some hearts. You also have the time line, sex line and relationship line sections that came before this one. Then there are other clues Like with a Tester — she is going to have more guys around her than women. Some are tricky though, remember this is the one that women fake the most. Also — how comfortable they are with sex talk. Justifiers will talk about sex openly when they first meet someone, while Deniers will get shy and embarrassed. And finally; Realists and Idealists. Realists believe that women are equals with men and can be just as powerful and successful, and Idealists think that men and women should have different roles.

Realists are also the type to take care of other people in their life, like their family and friends, while Idealists usually end up with other people pampering her… think little princess. Finding out her type is great because it lends itself to a natural curiosity — which results in easy conversation. It also helps getting you interested and listening to a woman properly — instead of coming off indifferent or bored. And once you uncover the clues, you begin to understand what they want, their motivations in life, and of course what they find attractive.

And you can then emphasize those parts of your personality that you know they will respond to. A Tester is fine with that — she does it herself all day long, so she knows the game. And once you become a guy that KNOWS women like this — who can tell the different types, and do it quickly — is an expert on women. Think about scientists studying birds.

The very first thing that they do is classify them into different types. For example they might know that one type of bird will fly south in the winter, while another one might not. That way you can just get her number, and not risk the rejection of trying to push her to leave with you right then and there.

Many successful companies give their employees personality tests before hiring them. The reason why is because it gives so much predictive information before the company can decide to hire them or not. So you can talk to a woman for a couple minutes and know exactly how everything will turn out if you get involved with her. It can literally save you years of possible heartache and frustration being with the wrong woman. I know personally I work really well with real life examples, so this is where I really enjoy beginning to apply the model.

So, this dynamic can take a little bit of time to determine. Tester or Investor? If you knew a girl as part of your social circle, you see each other occasionally as you have friends in common, and you hear things about her such as that she is playing the field. Which type do you think she is? A girl you met appears to only have female friends. Is she a Tester or Investor? If you meet a girl online, is she on average more likely to be a Tester or Investor?

You are friends with a girl and she talks about sex very openly? Denier or Justifier? Which one would you say she was? This special girl you really like has a really strong religious background, it seems to have affected her really strongly, and there was a really strong parental influence pushing religion hard onto her.

Which one do you think she is? This girl you like is a stripper, is she more likely to be a Justifier or Denier? You hear two different girls talking about a guy who tried to hit on her. Which one is a Justifier and which one is a Denier? Justifier or Denier? You like a girl, and her studies and career are extremely important to her. She is very proud of being a good student, and really enjoys talking about her studies, and her potential career. Is she is a Realist of Idealist? You know a girl, and she tends to rely on her friends a bit to help her out.

Realist or Idealist? Which one would you say she is? You know two girls at work, and you heard them having a conversation. One was saying that she thought women are empowered and can be just as successful as men and the other mentioned that she thought men and women have different roles. Which one is Realist and which one is Idealist? Okay, two friends of yours had very different teenage years. One had a more affluent upbringing and was a bit spoiled; the other had a job throughout high school and had to work pretty hard for her money.

Which one is more likely to be Idealist, and which one is more likely to be Idealist? Is her choice of study something that has a definite career waiting for her when she graduates? Which one is Idealist, and which one is Realist? Does she work a fairly low-status job and seem really keen to settle down, have children and get married?

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What would you say she is more likely to be? If a woman has a really strong ambition to achieve a really high goal or to make something really significant of her life individually, what would that indicate to you? How important does guys and dating seem to her as a priority right now when compared to her studies, career or ambitions? She is like an iceberg. The Playette is not always easy to recognize.

Typically she is modestly dressed, and looks around a lot, but is on the quiet side. The Playette protects herself for good reason. Once you get past her walls, she is sweet, soft, sexy, and exciting. She has wonderful gifts to offer, but it is these very same gifts that make her vulnerable.

Before she lets her guard down, you must walk a fine line to show her that you will not smother or pressure her, while at the same time, conveying the potential for romance and intimacy. The challenge with this type of woman is quickly separating yourself from her many other orbiting male friends, who are in the No Sex Zone.