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Photos and species information from Mexico — by John Snow

We thought that all of the hotels that you used were just right for their position and access to the relevant areas that we explored. Even the food was good despite the fish and camarones.

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Finally your organisation, energy and enthusiasm were exceptional as always. Many thanks Josele, I look forward to meeting up again. Alf King - Hi everyone Many thanks for making this such an enjoyable trip — good birds, good company, good food — what more could you want for an excellent holiday! I really appreciate your patient support with my troublesome back, and all the help identifying so many new birds. I know some of you will be at the Birdfair in August — perhaps we can meet up and share a few pictures.

Cheers Angela. It was perfect!

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We loved it all. Good luck with your second tour. What a wonderful adventure we had with you and the Birds of Baja Sur. We really enjoyed all of it especially the mountain cabins and making tortillas at the ranch.

The days and nights on Espiritu Santo were a joy and a privilege. What is adventure with out a few minor minor inconveniences ,so we will not be applying for any what we regard as an unnecessary refund. We hope that not too many people were disappointed with the Birds of Baja. Looking for birds in migratory nomadic flocks ,in a desert location is the most challenging of all birding. Good Birding on the next trip.

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  • Thanks for your email. We got home safely and tired. It has taken much of the last week to get back to normal, and, to cap it all, Imogen picked up a cold, probably from the plane. We enjoyed our trip to Mexico with you very much. The two areas were very different which was good and we enjoyed the cultural parts and the food as well. We saw some great birds and whales, so thank you for that. It is very generous of you to offer a refund and we will send our details to Andy.

    We did not feel too inconvenienced and actually enjoyed our time on Espiritu Sancto. The cabins were also in a lovely place, though electricity would have been good! So thank you for the refund. So, once again, a lovely tour with you. We enjoyed your company as usual and it was good to see old friends as well, especially George and Mary. Enjoy the rest of your trip and we look forward to seeing you at the Birdfair. Thanks to you for a great tour and the unexpected refund, going towards flights for Madagascar.

    When you next contact Auriel I do not know how to spell his name say a late goodbye from Deb and I as we couldn't find him after we got off the plane in Mexico City. We really enjoyed having him in the group with us. Dear Josele, We are telling our friends and family what we have done on holiday and we have realized that although the birding experience for us was depressing, in fact, the Mayan ruins in Yucatan and the amazing experiences on the island of swimming with whale sharks and sealions and watching humpbacks so close to us was stunning.

    Overall, therefore, the holiday was a great success for us. Thank you Josele for your very hard work. We are looking forward to seeing some of Paul's photos. Josele has asked us to forward our bank account details in order to refund us some money from the recent trip to Baja. We really enjoyed the trip, there were one or two minor glitches that one might expect from a first time tour, however I hope this doesn't put Josele off from continuing this tour as we saw some amazing sights and it is possibly only the people who just want to see new birds who could be disappointed.

    Our details are below. Dear Josele and fellow birders, A wonderful trip! Thank you very much, Josele and the wonderful guides, for unforgettable experiences. I hope everyone made it home safely. I greatly appreciated the camaraderie and good humor as we shared experiences. I particularly thank everyone for sharing knowledge and sightings and helping me on and off the boats, John!

    We saw wonderful birds and gazed at memorable landscapes.

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    If any of you decide to bird Texas, let me know. It was great to meet you all! Review of Birding-Los Cabos. Larry More Show less. Date of experience: March See all 53 reviews. Shop Tickets And Tours. Shop Now. Water Sports. Family Friendly. Reviews Write a Review. Filter reviews. Traveler rating. Excellent Very good 2. Average 2. Poor 0. Terrible 0.

    WINGS Birding Tours to Mexico: Baja California's Cape Region – Itinerary

    Traveler type. Time of year. Language All languages. All languages. English Spanish 1. Show reviews that mention. All reviews maria elena birding tour pygmy owl bird watching san jose great birding half day tour frigate birds whale sharks a short boat trip brown pelicans private property private tour endemics birders muriel habitat. Review tags are currently only available for English language reviews. Selected filters.

    Updating list Reviewed March 20, Great Birding Experience. Ask gabby4 about Birding-Los Cabos. Date of experience: January Date of experience: December Reviewed December 11, A very enjoyable time.

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    Date of experience: November Ask aspencork about Birding-Los Cabos. The fantastic sport fishing in the area fishery supports the entire town. In the summer you can charter a panga and go looking for whale sharks. If you are lucky to find one you can even get in and swim with these stunning creatures.

    Eagle rays, guitarfish, stingrays, and other rays often rest on the sandy bottom of the sea, offshore from the southern part of the peninsula. Divers and snorkelers are sometimes lucky enough to see the Pacific manta ray glide by. With a wingspan of up to seven meters 23 ft.

    WINGS Birding Tours – Itinerary

    Where you see one in the water or not, a walk on the beach by El Arco will definitely provide a view of these magnificent fish as they regularly jump clear out of the water on the Pacific side of the land spit. The Humboldt squid is another unusual deepwater creature. It grows to 4. It is becoming the apex predator in the area as the sharks are steadily fished out for the appalling fin trade. These squids are dangerous to divers in particular and great care should be taken when they are around in numbers. Barracuda are found in both the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez. And in Southern Baja around Cabo San Lucas, the flying fish puts on a good show as it leaps out of the water offshore.

    Abundant shellfish, including clams, oysters, mussels, scallops, and shrimp, and spiny lobster, are found all along the coast. With this great variety of plant and fish life comes an equally fantastic bird population. Ornithologists have identified at least species, but unfortunately no one has published a Baja-specific field guide to date, though several Mexican bird guides include the species found on the peninsula and its islands.

    The BCS Birds website is designed as a reference for naturalists and birders who wish to identify what they have seen here and who wish to learn what species are regularly observed around Cabo San Lucas. Brown pelicans are common around Cabo and indeed in all of the Baja but are gone from the coastal islands of California and the U. Other noteworthy birds include the magnificent frigate bird, fisher eagle, cormorant, egret, gull, heron, loon, osprey, plover, sandpiper, and tern. Charter fishing boats sometimes see pelagic birds such as the albatross, black-legged kittiwake, red phalarope, shearwater, surf scoter, south polar skua, storm petrel, black tern, and red-billed tropic bird.

    The inland ponds, springs, lakes, streams, and marshes of Baja support two species of bittern, the American coot, two species of duck, the snow goose, the northern harrier, six species of heron, the white-faced ibis, the common moorhen, two species of rail, five species of sandpiper, the lesser scaup, the shoveler, the common snipe, the sora, the roseate spoonbill, the wood stork, three species of teal, the northern waterthrush, and the American wigeon.

    The golden eagle, western flycatcher, lesser goldfinch, black-headed grosbeak, red-tailed hawk, pheasant, yellow-eyed junco, white-breasted nuthatch, mountain plover, acorn woodpecker, and canyon wren live in the peaks and valleys of the sierras, along with two species of hummingbird, four species of vireo, and eight species of warbler. Falcons, flycatchers, hawks, hummingbirds, owls, sparrows, and thrashers live in the hot, dry desert environment, along with the American kestrel, merlin, greater roadrunner, vernon, turkey vulture, ladder-backed woodpecker, and cactus wren.

    The largest bird in North America is the endangered California condor Gymnogyps californianus , which weighs up to 11 kilograms 24 lbs. A group of U. Thirty types of lizards live on the Baja Peninsula, including the large chuckwalla, which inhabits several islands in the Sea of Cortez and can grow to one meter 3 ft. The desert iguana and the endemic coast-horned lizard are also noteworthy species.

    Endemic Birds of Baja California

    With lots of color photos, Amphibians and Reptiles of Baja California, by Ron McPeak can help you identify the many frogs, toads, salamanders, snakes, and lizards of the peninsula. Five sea turtles live in Baja waters: the leatherback, green, hawksbill, western ridley, and loggerhead, which swims 10, kilometers 6, mi between the island of Kyushu in Japan and the Sea of Cortez.

    Many organizations are involved in turtle conservation efforts in Baja. One of the largest is Grupo Tortuguero www.