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In Gorilla City , one of the apes warns that Professor Zoom has done something horrible to their jungles, but just what he has done is something even they do not know. In the — storyline " Blackest Night ", the pre-Crisis version of Thawne's broken-necked corpse is reanimated as a member of the Black Lantern Corps. The black power ring downloaded the corpse's memories, resulting in him not knowing of Barry's death and resurrection.

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Declaring himself the new " Black Flash ", he attacks Barry who manages to elude him for the moment. Zoom becomes the first to inadvertently fulfill his mission, which occurred in the events of The Flash: Rebirth when he freed Allen from the Speed Force following the resurrection. The Entity proclaims Zoom has completed his task and his life is restored to him, later revealing that Zoom having fulfilled his task is now fully purged of all trace remnants of his Black Lantern ties — both present and future.

Zoom does not answer him directly, giving a cryptic response and eventually escaping as Captain Boomerang is confronted by the rest of the Rogues. Eobard uses his powers to completely rewrite his own history; he erases his younger brother from existence and kills his parents when they try to interfere with his research. After finding out his would-be love interest did not return his affections, Eobard's future self traumatized the reporter as a child, causing the woman to be mute and institutionalized so that they never met each other.

He sheds a tear as his altered past self runs past him while saying "It won't last long. You will never find love.

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You will never be the Flash. Barry Allen destroyed my future. It's time I destroyed his. In the Flashpoint storyline, a new timeline is created through the alteration of history. He was unable to alter Barry's transformation into the Flash, however, as that would effectively erase himself from existence. Instead, Thawne decides to ruin Barry's life during the latter's childhood, erasing a best friend from existence to result in greater introversion on Barry's part, and various other torments such as killing Nora.

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After Thawne is killed by this reality's Batman with an Amazonian sword, the Flash travels back in time to stop Barry's younger self from altering history but instead, under Pandora 's manipulations, a third, new timeline is created, in which DC Comics' continuity takes place from onwards. As a child, Eobard witnessed his father murder his mother and subsequently get arrested. One day, he is struck by lightning and gains the ability to control the flow of time around him, making it appear as if he is moving at superhuman speeds.

Believing himself to have been "chosen" by the Speed Force as the Flash's replacement, Eobard dons a costume similar to the hero's and begins to terrorize the Gem Cities as "Zoom", demanding the citizens accept him as a King. However, he is enraged when people rebel against him in the Flash's name. Eobard then makes an acquaintance with Dr. Henry Allen Barry's father , funding Henry's research lab. But when Henry refuses to help him with an unknown cause, Zoom subsequently murders Nora in order to make Barry endure and give them both an "equal start", and forces Henry to take the blame for his deed, with the threat of Barry's life.

Laying low for many years, Zoom reemerges following William Selkirk's defeat, recruiting as an "acolyte" of his. Zoom and his acolytes then cause havoc in the city and put the blame on the Flash, desiring to destroy his nemesis's legacy. But when his closest "ally" Magali who has been keeping Eobard alive for centuries via powers discover the truth about him, he uses the glove to steal Magali's abilities of affecting the age of organic and inorganic matter, leading to his true nature being exposed to the rest of his acolytes who join forces with the Flash to destroy the device.

After the failure of his plan to be a god, Zoom then takes Henry to the Allen house, with Barry in pursuit. Revealing his backstory to Barry, Eobard proceeds to best Barry in combat and is about to kill until the Flash realizes how Eobard's powers work, and then proceeds to counter by moving time forward — finally defeating him.

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Thawne brutally beats and verbally taunts Bruce before picking up the Button , which teleports him away to an unknown location. Thawne is then teleported back to the Batcave, having been bathed in radiation by a mysterious entity. As he collapses, Thawne says "God I saw Labs for further examination, but it is revealed that he was able to survive his near-death experience via his connection to the negative Speed Force, the energy of which grants him accelerated regeneration and healing.

He is present at Iris's house when Iris arrives following Multiplex's attack at Barry's birthday party, shocking and terrifying the pair. Eobard brutally beats Wallace West whom he denounces as a fake, and then brings Iris to the future while Barry pursues them. Eobard shows the couple's future, and attempts to imprison Barry in the negative Speed Force. This backfires as it leads to Barry absorbing the negative Speed Force power to strip Thawne of his speed. Barry declares that their rivalry is done but Eobard vows that he will get back his powers and keep coming back to torment Barry before being seemingly killed by Iris.

Eobard later returns possibly resurrected after regaining his negative Speed Force connection as a member of the Secret Society of Super Villains that kidnapped Deathstroke.

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Eobard Thawne already possessed genius -level intellect by the standards of the 25th Century even prior to gaining his metahuman abilities, making him possibly one of the smartest individuals when in the 21st century. The Flash: Rebirth revealed that duplicating the accident behind Barry Allen 's powers created a negative Speed Force by corrupting the positive version. The Reverse-Flash is therefore able to travel at superhuman speeds faster than the speed of light , deliver blows of extreme force by hitting the victim hundreds of times a second, run on water, generate vacuums, create after-images "speed mirages" of himself, and vibrate his molecules to pass through solid objects.

Unlike original Speed Force users, Thawne has the ability to travel through and manipulate time, being able to drastically alter history and completely erase people from existence other speedsters cannot change the past without dramatic consequences. Thawne developed numerous new powers in the events leading up to Flashpoint , including the ability to cross over to other dimensions, create shockwaves across time and space at the snap of his fingers, absorb another's memories via physical contact, and alter the age of anyone or anything.

The presence of his lightning is able to disrupt and fry nearby electronics, in addition to allowing him to manipulate magnetism.

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During the New 52 reboot, Eobard gained the ability to slow down time similar to Hunter Zolomon. He retained his pre-New 52 counterpart's age altering abilities. In an alternate timeline created when Impulse kills an insect in the Devonian Age, most super-villains are government bureaucrats.

In subsequent changes to the timeline, Zoom defected to the rebellion against Tremain led by Gorilla Grodd ; turned into a gorilla fighting against an army of flying turtles led by Grodd, now a flying turtle himself; and was a gorilla in a modern society identical to that of ancient Egypt. Thomas Howell. He is featured posing as Harrison Wells in "Ants on a Hamburger".

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Baseball drove his recovery, with spring training providing a target. The camaraderie and optimism that come with the dawn of every baseball season are part of his body clock, like people whose spirits improve with the blooming of spring flowers and fall foliage. Plus, Carew knew he could still make a difference. So he resolved to make more than a token appearance in Florida; he was determined to put in his usual three-week coaching stint.

Before Carew even received the machine that keeps him alive — a left ventricular assist device , or LVAD — he told his wife, Rhonda, that he wanted to use his story to help fight heart disease. Wright got a check-up, which led to a quadruple bypass. When Wright turned 75 on Feb. Heart of 29 really got rolling in January at TwinsFest, a fan event in Minneapolis. The effort was worth it thanks to the outpouring of emotion from friends and fans.

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  5. Scenes from that weekend were featured in an hourlong special on MLB Network. Thus, another reason for Carew to attend spring training was to have an extended platform for his message about fighting the No. The Twins recognized it, too. Rod, Rhonda and their beloved cats Taz and Mynx arrived in Fort Myers four days before the first full-squad workout. On the first work day, Carew jumped into his usual routine of picking up longtime teammate, roommate and close friend Tony Oliva at 7 a. As they walked into the clubhouse, Carew saw someone wearing a rosy T-shirt bearing the Heart of 29 logo.

    Players and coaches, front-office executives and clubhouse grunts — everyone wore the shirt. After a team meeting, plus people gathered for a group photo, with Carew right in the middle. Heart of 29 had its first signature image and the Twins distributed it to media outlets. At the first home game, both the logo and Carew took center stage. The baseballs they would toss were then delivered by Carew. For a guy who cries easily these days, Carew had no chance of holding back the tears. The attachments all fit into a vest.

    But when he received the Heart of 29 T-shirt, Carew slipped it over the vest. The gear has remained under his clothes ever since. And while the machine could power him for many years, he hopes to go on the transplant waiting list this summer.

    Rod Carew brings Heart of 29 to spring training: Fixing swings, fighting heart disease

    His biggest concession was not throwing batting practice and rarely doing the modified pitching known as soft toss. He also spent less time working on bunting and baserunning. He mostly analyzed swings, something he did so well over his Hall of Fame career and 10 seasons as a batting coach for the Angels and Brewers. From his perch behind the indoor cage, Carew instructs Eduardo Nunez. Every morning, Carew got comfortable behind the indoor batting cage or against an outdoor cage, offering advice in English and Spanish. Just take it one day at a time and see what happens.

    For the first week, Carew and Oliva were on the field until about 1 p. Things changed once games began. Carew and good friend Tony Oliva right.